Thursday, October 23, 2008

Site #10 Christy Speakman "Bird Puddle" Jan 2007; Lake Ponchatrain Beach Tennis Courts (*NLP)

(*NLP= no longer physical)

"This work was meant to function as a narrative disruption of the imagery we have been inundated with since the storm, using a hopeful rhetoric to create a dialoge that engages the survival process. The process of installing the work on the Lakefront was a powerful experience- walking along the shore I became acutely aware of Elizabeth Underwood and I's footsteps in the sand, each and every persistent irregularity in the ground. Itching from mosquitoes, we didn't say a word as I dug the puddles into the weeds and dirt. It was a strong itch and a long calmness." - Christy Speakman

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