Thursday, October 23, 2008

Site #22 Jessica Bizer "Multi-Purpose Device" Aug 2007; Jean Lafitte Pkwy @ Jean Lafitte Court, St. Bernard Parish (*NLP)

(*NLP = No Longer Physical)

"This piece was intended to continue the feeling of surprise that I felt when I first encountered the overturned sign. My idea was to create a small, positive, diversion in an otherwise bleak landscape. It wass made mainly of pipes, plastic (which I have warped and melted), ducts and streamers. I connected, painted and decorated these disparate objects to suggest that they were related, or part of a system. However, I wanted the work's functional traits to be balanced a sense by ambiguity and mystery while the disparate elements of the piece appear organized, their overall purpose is not clear. Also, it was important that I used decorative, appealing colors and materials. These characteristics of the piece added a fanciful element to the work and contributed to its purpose as an appealing, mysterious diversion." - Jessica Bizer

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