Thursday, October 23, 2008

Site #27 Kerrane/Koerner/Pelias "The Apostolic Project" Mar 2008; 725 Forstall Street, Holy Cross (*NLP)

(*NLP = No Longer Physical)

"The Apostolic Project" was installed in the former parsonage of the former Apostolic Church of this Holy Cross neighborhood. The interior of the gutted house was filled with thousands of hand folded paper boats - a resonant symbol in a complex historical site. These sculptural boats were made collectively, many in collaboration with people from all over New Orleans - sharing this process added a vital layer of meaning to the work. Also included were representations of pomegranates which have a rich mythology in many cultures, symbolizing birth, death, and rebirth - perfect metaphors for a city struggling to rebuild post-disaster. A hand-made decorative crown was installed on the roof, honoring the church’s purposeful benevolence. This installation was intended to question the responsibility of a city consumed with catering to a tourist industry's idea of celebration while neglecting its own people, from whom tradition and celebration naturally emanate." - Artist's Statement