Thursday, October 23, 2008

Site #6 Elizabeth Underwood "Bright Light Fence" Dec 2006; 5723 Galvez, Lower 9th Ward (*NLP)

(*NLP = no longer physical)

"I wanted to create something here that reflected the simple charm and magic that I could still feel emanating from this property, even in its tragically devastated form. The mini-water bottles, brightly dyed water, and the messages inside the bottles were my unaffected choices in keeping with the easy feeling I got from the energy of this house and its owners, Katrina survivors Joseph and Beverly Mouton now exiled in Atlanta.
Every time I visited this location the wind was howling and I was surrounded by ghosts. The spirit of this lost community, the lost lives, and lost dreams whistle and whip through the yellow caution tape, the high dry weeds. And the colorful bottles in this small gate winked and sparkled like small stars I wish all the people who used to live here could see.
When the house was finally demo'd, over 2 years since the Federal levee breaks, it was a bittersweet moment for the family that I was honored to share." - Elizabeth Underwood

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