Saturday, June 20, 2009

Ongoing Installation: Jonathan Traviesa "Native & Contemporary" St. Bernard

New Orleanian photographer and performance artist Jonathan Traviesa is working with AORTA on another on-going installation in St. Bernard Louisiana. Set deep on the grounds of one of the oldest churches in the state, St. Bernard Church, in this culturally rich community of the last descendents of the Islenós immigrants and native French Houma Indians, "Native & Contemporary" is a large scale art garden composed of indigenous Louisiana plants. A contemporary artist humbled and inspired by the demanding realities of this community, Jonathan has been working tirelessly to establish this garden of text in challenging conditions and near total obscurity (echoing the residents' post-Katrina life). We are deeply indebted to the church parish for their continued support of "Native & Contemporary" and look forward to the garden's unveiling in the Fall of 2009.

"Native & Contemporary" is supported by a generous grant from the Joan Mitchell Foundation. Jonathan Traviesa is represented by The Front, an artist's collective/gallery located in the St. Claude neighborhood of New Orleans.