Monday, July 6, 2009

Site #35 Jennifer Odem "Blue Fence" Intersection of Poland Avenue and N. Miro, Upper 9th Ward

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Please join us Sunday July 12th at 6 pm to celebrate the formal unveiling of "Blue Fence". Light refreshments will be provided compliments of Whole Foods Market.

"My current work explores feminine and masculine aspects of earth related to natural and unnatural or artificial land formations. Through an integration of materials and forms that allude physically and metaphorically to human characteristics this work questions the ways in which we incorporate land. By focusing on the pre-historic and geographical relevance of a site or place, I work to create a parallel with a 'forgotten reverence' for land and contemporary exploitations.

Mythologies about the earth holding histories, fertile with the capacity to contain and reveal, are countered with uninformed ideas that nature can be synthesized, 'fertilized' and controlled. My work aims to assimilate some of the varied qualities and formations that make up the earth, both surface and subterranean, with ancient and contemporary practices and beliefs that regard the earth." - Jennifer Odem

“Blue Fence” is an open-ended rhythmic line made of sturdy yet lightweight materials echoing the contours of the site. In a vibrant blue palette, “Blue Fence” brings colorful relief to the landscape and makes a subtle yet potent statement regarding the conditions of its neighborhood. In keeping with AORTA’s mission of collective responsibility, Ms. Odem has formally adopted this site through Parks & Parkways and has worked for a year removing debris, excavating the sidewalk and mowing the grass. Through this process she has built lasting relationships with the surrounding community and included them in her process of designing "Blue Fence". Ms. Odem will also facilitate a complete dismantling and removal of the sculpture at the installation’s closing at which time donated trees will be planted to continue with the site's revitalization.