Sunday, September 6, 2009

Susan Neely "Open House" 2761 Dreux, Gentilly LA video

AORTA Projects is pleased to announce the unveiling of Open House, architect Susan Neely’s aesthetic intervention with her Gentilly neighborhood. Ms. Neely writes, “Open House is an installation conceived with the intention of reminding us of the past, celebrating the present and provoking discussion about the future. Equal parts architecture, art and design, the work sits on the slab of a home that was flooded and later demolished by the Army Corps of Engineers. One can see where walls stood, and it’s fairly easy to imagine how each space was occupied. In its current state, 25 functional pieces of furniture fill the rooms. Each piece was designed and built specifically for Open House and visitors are encouraged to take a seat, hang out, and imagine the best way to move forward. In keeping with AORTA Projects’ long-standing commitment to the Gentilly Gardens community, Open House can contribute to the growing sense of optimism in the neighborhood. As more people return, it seems reasonable to expect a common urge to gather and meet one another in a gracious, safe and clean environment. To that end, Open House will be maintained as a free interactive exhibit for two months.”

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